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Tressa Daniels
phone: 619-450-3969
http://www.tressadaniels.com - tressadaniels@yahoo.com


Tressa Daniels has shared her expertise as a knowledgeable and experienced Human Factors Engineer for ten years.

Currently Tressa is working as a User Experience Contractor at Hewlett Packard. This position is giving her the opportunity to work in the retail photo publishing area of human factors and design. Photos are one of Tressa’s passions, which makes it fun for her to dive deep into the design of kiosks, printer hardware and printer UI’s to help make photo printing easy for end users.

Prior to working at HP, Tressa concentrated her skills in Human Factors and Usability working as a Human Factors Engineer for Intel Corporation. This position focused mainly on Business Process Engineering usability but also touched on ethnographic research.

Tressa has been responsible for developing grass roots usability, designing wireless and web applications, setting up onsite Usability Labs, and testing hardware, software and Interactive Voice Response systems. Her commitment and dedication derive from her strong desire to improve upon and simplify technologically advanced systems.

As a Usability Manager at Edmunds.com, she took charge of managing a usability initiative and successfully established an onsite Usability Lab. Tressa also accomplished this at DIRECTV, Inc.

As an employee at Xerox, she had the opportunity to completely redesign a Web Application used for printing and viewing documents, and sending print jobs to local print shops. This project gave her experience with wireframe and prototype development as well as the opportunity to participate throughout an entire development lifecycle from conception to deployment.

As an Instructor of Human Factors Psychology at Woodbury University, she enjoyed sharing her enthusiasm about the field of Human Factors as well as spreading knowledge to students about her real-world experiences

She was educated in Logan Utah and Northridge California, with a strong emphasis in Usability, Design and Human Factors. Tressa received the Human Factors Award at California State University Northridge.
Maintaining a reputation as a fast-paced industrious professional possessing very strong work ethics, Tressa has proven herself as an exceptional Human Factors Engineer who works tirelessly to complete project needs. Using her wealth of methodologies and knowledge, she is recognized as an exceptionally proficient professional.


Tressa Daniels Resume (pdf)